Sage And Thyme Kaiser Buns: A Great Choice For The Holidays

5 December 2017
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Kaiser buns are an essential part of the holiday dinner, but do you ever find yourself wishing yours had more flavor? Consider making these sage and thyme kaiser buns. Sage and thyme are classic holiday herbs, and these buns have a lovely texture that your family will love. Just make sure you plan ahead, since you have to let the dough rest in the fridge overnight. Ingredients (for the initial dough):  Read More 

4 Tips For Accommodating Dietary Restrictions At Your Coffee Shop

1 December 2017
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As a cafe owner, you have a lot on your plate, including food and coffee orders, staffing, and doing what you can to ensure your coffee shop is a welcoming, clean, and beautiful space for your customers. An additional responsibility is making an effort to accommodate customers with dietary restrictions, especially at a time when these seem to be on the rise. Here are a few easy ways you can accommodate more customers on a daily basis, regardless of their diet: Read More 

If You Like Pinot Noir, Here Are Three Other Red Wines You’ll Also Enjoy

29 November 2017
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Pinot noir is a very in-demand red wine, and it is the first red wine that many people learn to love once they begin drinking red wine. It has a very fruity palate, but still plenty of body. But while pinot noir is enjoyable, it is only one of many red wine varieties. If you enjoy pinot noir, here are four other red wines to try next in order to expand your palate. Read More