Prepare For A Tasting Session

11 November 2021
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

The final meal selection for a catered affair is one of the steps you will need to complete if you have hired a catering service. A tasting session involves requesting to try several dishes that you have considered adding to your menu.

An Overview Of A Tasting Session

A tasting session is often complementary and may be included with the contract that your head caterer will require you to sign. Not all caterers offer a tasting session. This is a variable that should be discussed, prior to deciding to use a particular catering company.

A specific amount of dishes may be included in the tasting event. The dishes may include appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts. Because many catered affairs often involve serving guests who have food allergies, a head caterer may plan to make a couple of renditions of some dishes. For example, if meat and meatless entrees are being sought, a parmigiana, stew, or soup sample may consist of two similar dishes that each contain slightly different ingredients.

The type of cuisine that you are seeking and any special requests will need to be relayed to the person who will be overseeing the catering. If you decide to expand upon the number of dishes that are included with a free tasting session, you may be responsible for paying for the additions.

An Active Session

Plan on bringing a limited amount of people along with you to the tasting session. These people should be prepared to provide honest feedback. Since you are the person who is paying for the food that will be served to the guests at your future event, your final input will be the most critical.

Prior to the tasting, consult with your caterer and relay information about the dishes that you would like them to prepare. If your caterer offers seasonal specialties, you may want to consider choosing to have one or more of them added to your tasting menu. Confirm the time and the date of the tasting. You and anyone who will accompanying you should make an effort to arrive on time.

Avoid eating or drinking before the tasting. The avoidance of food and beverages will allow you to hone in on each dish that you sample. Pay attention to the presentation of each dish and the amount of spices, sauces, or condiments that are used. Provide your head caterer with honest feedback about what you and your companions think about the food.