If You Like Pinot Noir, Here Are Three Other Red Wines You'll Also Enjoy

29 November 2017
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Pinot noir is a very in-demand red wine, and it is the first red wine that many people learn to love once they begin drinking red wine. It has a very fruity palate, but still plenty of body. But while pinot noir is enjoyable, it is only one of many red wine varieties. If you enjoy pinot noir, here are four other red wines to try next in order to expand your palate.


If you like the subtle, fruity nuances of pinot noir, you will recognize similar profiles in many Malbec wines. Malbecs traditionally feature cherry flavors, though you will find some reminiscent or raspberry or strawberry. They tend to have a hint of tartness that you don't find in a pinot noir. Malbecs from Argentina tend to be very enjoyable, but there are also some good ones coming out of California and Oregon. The variety did originate in France, however, so for the most authenticity, you should really try a French Malbec. 

Malbec pairs well with lean cuts of meat, like flank steak and sirloin. It's also one of few red wines that pair well with chicken, thanks to its fruity profiles.


Grenache wines, also known as Garnacha, hail mainly from Spain and Australia. This wine is a bit bolder than a pinot noir, but it is similarly low-acid and fruity. You will notice strawberry and raspberry notes balanced out by a rather strong note of black pepper. 

Grenache pairs well with hearty fall dishes like stews, lamb, and fattier cuts of beef. It is also a good choice for cheese tastings. Pair it with Spanish cheeses like Manchego for an authentic experience.


Another cherry, fruity, dry wine to try is Nebbiolo, which is made in the Piedmont region of Italy. You may see some Nebbiolos from California, but they are much lighter bodied than Italian versions and are thus considered poor imitations. Nebbiolo's fruit flavors are balanced by notes of truffles, wild herbs, and tobacco.

This strong, yet smooth wine needs to be paired with acidic foods to bring out its best. It's the perfect choice for pasta dishes that feature red sauce, or for lemon-seasoned beef dishes.

If you love pinot noir, chances are, you will also fall in love with Malbec, Nebbiolo, and Grenache. Purchase a few bottles of these varietals the next time you visit the wine store, and prepare to expand your palate.