Why Soup Is A Good Choice For Your Wedding Reception

12 June 2020
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

When you and your future spouse are planning the meal for your catered wedding reception, you might be focusing on a wide range of finger foods, grazing table items, and other similar things. These ideas can certainly augment the reception for you and your guests, but you might be overlooking a simple type of food that can also be worthwhile. Soup isn't something that some people immediately think about when they're evaluating their wedding reception menus, but it can be a good choice. If you and your future spouse have a few types of soup that you enjoy, you can even request that your catering service prepares these varieties for a personal touch. Here are some reasons that soup is a good choice for your wedding reception.

It's Affordable

There are plenty of wedding-related expenses that you're handling at this time in your life, and you want to keep everything within your budget. Soup is a worthwhile choice because it's typically very affordable. There are a few reasons for its affordability — namely, it's not overly labor-intensive to make. For example, if you were to get a quote from your caterer for the price of serving soup to 100 guests versus 100 individually made finger foods, soup would almost certainly be more affordable.

It's Warming

If you're having a winter or fall wedding, you'll want to think about foods that have a warming quality. There are a few types of food that generate feelings of warmth and comfort to the same degree as soup. For example, if your ceremony will take place outdoors when the weather is cool, you'll want to offer warming foods to people shortly after they enter the venue for the reception. Having a selection of soups available to your guests is something that most people will appreciate.

It's Portable

While the conventional way to eat soup is to sit down with a bowl, this isn't the only serving method to consider. If you're eager to have a cocktail party-style reception in which your guests eat food while standing and mingling, soup can still be a good choice. In this scenario, you can ask your catering service to prepare the soup in coffee mugs. This can be a fun way to eat the soup, and also allows people to move around as they do. Most types of soup will work well in this application, which can give your reception a unique feel.

For more information on foods that would be ideal for your wedding day, contact a wedding catering company.