Catering Office Business Meetings: Three Delicious Ideas

13 December 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Having office business meetings catered is one way to get your staff motivated to collaborate in a group setting. If you are looking for catering ideas that go beyond sandwich trays and vegetable platters, here are a few ideas to consider for your next meeting. With the right selections, you can create a fun environment for your staff while still getting down to business.

Brunch Bars

Combine breakfast and lunch for long morning meetings by creating a brunch bar. Work with your caterer to have a variety of menu options, including breakfast burritos and sandwiches, fruit salad, and cold cut platters. Look for a few fun additions, such as pancake skewers, which feature silver dollar pancakes, slices of fruit, and bits of bacon or sausage. Be sure to have a beverage station set up with juices, tea, and coffee to complete your brunch bar.

Soup And Salad Stations

For a light lunch option, have your caterer create a few different soup and salad options that can be set up on a buffet table. Pair the soups and salads together, such as a Southwest chicken salad and tortilla soup, and have toppings available for employees to customize their menu selections. Topping ideas might include oyster crackers, tortilla strips, or croutons. You can also have your caterer create bread bowls as a way to serve the soups or salads, and this option also reduces the amount of waste your meal produces by eliminating the need for disposable bowls.

Small Bite Flights

Give your staff a range of menu options by choosing small bite versions of popular foods. The smaller portions make it easy for your employees to choose just the right amount to eat while also letting them try a little bit of everything. For this menu, consider grilled cheese quarters with small cups of tomato soup, mini quiches, Southwest egg rolls, or slider sandwiches. You can also extend this idea to dessert by offering mini cheesecakes or brownie bites. Place the platters in the center of your conference table so your staff can help themselves without having to leave the table. For large staff meetings, have your caterer create several platters of each menu item, as this will prevent people from having to pass platters around to get the foods they want.

Work with a caterer that specializes in corporate events, and talk to your staff about any food allergies or restrictions anyone might have. This will help to ensure everyone enjoys the menus you select for office meetings.